Daz 3D Developer needed for


We are a small mobile games studio, who have recently discovered Daz3d, to create renders for our in-game, screens and icons.  however, due to lack of resources and time, we'd like to bring someone else on board to help us with renders of existing models we have purchased from Daz3d.com ie Genisis 8 models, first, off we have sniper type model, we'd like variations of poses created by someone who has a lot more experience than we do. 

This is the first test version we have come up with:

We'd like similar poses done for games icon, using this project which we will share with you and we'd like you to do various other renders. We will eventually pick the best of the bunch to be used as our new sniper games icon on google play store. 




  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 32,500

    Please note that you can't share the content, if that was your intent.   That would be against the Daz 3d EULA

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