Don´t be afraid ;-)

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Hello i´m MtP from MtP-Art (Germany)
DAZ is for me a perfect tool to create my kind of artworks. Mostly i do "Dark Art" or "Space Art"

My workflow is to render the figures in DAZ and alternate them afterwards in Photoshop Elements 10 to get the look i need.

So here are a few of my last artworks

Hope you like it

More of my Artworks can be found MtP on Facebook

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    I come from a goth background, so I am not scared quickly ;)
    Love the overall feel of your work, there is beauty in darkness.
    Also, I see you are German!
    Your country has brought forth some awesome artist like Goethes Erben, Wolfsheim/Heppner, Frozen Plasma etc.
    I'll stop rambling now...thanks for sharing!

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    Hello Estroyer, appreciate your words a lot :-)

    I´m also from a goth background, we have a own forum about gothic and a webzine too. So it´s just natural that my main interests are on the dark side ;-) I apologize my bad english, but i hope you could follow ;-)

    All the best to you and greetings from the darkside

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    I thought as much when I saw your work!
    For a time I was a frequent member of the Deine Lakaien forum (I even met the singer at a birthday party once, one of my greatest life achievements LOL That guy is TINY)
    Last month we saw VNV Nation...I cried at that concert, they were THAT good.
    I know which magazine you mean, I had some copies once, but passed them on to another, to share the joy of "the dark side" ;)

    I am Dutch so German is pretty much a second language here at the border.
    As kids we always watched "Die Sendung mit der Maus" and "Einz, zwei oder drei!"
    LOL, good times XD

    Take care and keep making pretty dark things :)

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    Thanks a lot :-)
    I will do my very best ......

    In the near future there will be a artwork book of my PSEUDOCINEMATIC Artworks out in the stores and on amazon, more about that you can find on my facebook page.

    I know the "Sendung mit der Maus" well, very intresting for kids :-)

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    Awesome, I just left a message on Facebook.
    Congrats on your book!

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    Thanks a lot :-)

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    Excellent Work___!

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