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Scouting the Frontier

I find I have to "live with" a WIP for a good while before I figure out where I want to go from where I am. I've given this the one working title "Scouting the Frontier". No post work (which is not to say it doesn't need it; just that it's too raw to worry about it yet). Posed in DAZ Studio 4.11 beta and rendered in Blender Cycles 2.79. Currently the only light source is the 360-degree HDRI you can see part of in the background.

Credits: a couple of billboard plants from old DAZ cycloramas (near leftmost tree); Dark Fantasy Wepons; Elita Cyberpunk Megapack (pants); G8F head and body morphs; Lyam Bob HairShadow Thief OutfitShawna HD texture map; Traveler's Naturals - Grass Vol I; various Xfrog plants and trees.

All comments, questions, suggestions, critiques and chit-cat welcomed.

1920 x 1080 - 1M
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