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A few days before the DAZ 3D forums were restarted I began a project which was to create a new family member for Carrara 3D Expo online magazine family ( www.carrara3dexpo.com) dedicated to Hexagon community.

The project is not forgotten and it would be nice to get some more movement over there.
FOr this project to succeed we need you great Hexagon artists!
Please do not hesitate to submit your artwork and become a part of this amazing project!

If you do not feel confident it is real and serious you can consult Carrara community.

To submit your artwork all you need to so is to:

A)Create an archive file of your selected artwork images (ZIP and RAR archives are supported)
B) Name the archive file using this scheme: H3DE20xx--xx-Your-name
H3DE stands for Hexagon 3D Expo; 20xx-xx stands for year and month; Your-Name stands for your name
Example: H3DE2012-07-Danas-Anis
C) Send the archive to this e-mail: [email protected]

There is a guidance to fallow:

1. Images has to be created using Hexagon software (any version) for the main subjects.
Any software to render your creation is welcomed but you should also include a snapshot from hexagon of your model(s)

2. images must be created by you or you in a team with a permission from your partners to show it in the magazine

3. Images must contain your signature please do not use a signature you use to sign your documents like bank papers etc.

4. Artistic nudity is allowed, however pornographic material is prohibited. ( this topic is very controversial, but the magazine will not have age restrictions there fore we must respect our younger viewers and avoid any disturbing and negative influence containing material related to violence and sexual matters)

5. you agree that your images will be showed in Hryce 3D Expo related projects and magazine.

When submitting please be sure to have your nickname mentioned in the e-mail message if you are going to use your Nickname instead of a real name for the archive of your artwork.

H3DE team will use your artwork for H3DE projects only. YOu will be credited in all projects by H3DE where your artwork is being showed.

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