Getting out the Bryce after a looong layoff, some questions

I was an avid Bryce user from B5 until B7.1 but I put it all away a years ago .  Now I am trying to revive the old creativity bug in me.  I still have all the original apps and files on an old Win XP 64 bit machine.  I have since built a high end PC running Win 10 (which I don't like) and trying to get Bryce to behave on it isn't working out so good for me.  I gave up and uninstalled Bryce on it.  Some issues were trying to move objects would cause wild, unpredictable movements and changing colors of sun, lights, diffusion, ambience, etc... all result in a grey scale instead of the desired hue from the color picker.  Those two things caused me to through up my hands in disgust and uninstall.

My question is, "if I download Bryce 7.1 pro again from scratch at Daz onto my Win 10 machine will it be compatible and these issues have be since addressed and corrected?"  If not, is there a work around?



  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 32,442

    Hi   and welcome back.

    Some of the regulars are using Win 10, so I am sure someone will be along soon to help you.   I am still hanging on to my Win 7 machine.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 7,135

    As for the colour: hold down the [Alt]-key to get the RGB/HSV/HLS/CMY dialogue, or  [Alt]+[Ctrl] to get the colour adjuster of Windows.

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