CARRARA CHALLENGE 46: Get your Retro on

Bunyip02Bunyip02 Posts: 3,183

The new challenge is underway, come on over and take a look:-

Wax on, Wax off

Diomede joins in the action with a 70s Flower Child

Stezza with a superb Lorenzo

The Twilight Zone

Headwax decides to Tip Toe through the Tulips


  • Bunyip02Bunyip02 Posts: 3,183

    Dart shows off Enhance C

    Headwax continues his musical vibes

    Stezza goes Marine

    Classic Headwax

    Headwax's version of Flash Gordon

  • Bunyip02Bunyip02 Posts: 3,183

    MDO2010 Dreams of Jeanie

    Lookout Kermit

    Diomede joins the musical Chorus with Sonny & Cher

    Stezza goes fishing

    Are you a fan of Baa Baa Blacksheep / Blacksheep Squadron

  • Bunyip02Bunyip02 Posts: 3,183

    Classic Aussie movie - Sunday Too Far Away

    DesertDude with an awesome clock

    Diomede goes Hot Wheels

    UnifiedBrain wants you to Walk Like an Egyptian

    Vyusur off to a great start

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