A number of ReadMe links, and the ReadMe Index are broken

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So, I've noticed recently when I've clicked on the ReadMe links on a number of product pages, that I'm getting sent to a lot of Page Not Found pages.  What's even more interesting is that the product index page is also broken:


A list of Stock Keeping Unit (sku) ranges for products in the DAZ 3D store can be seen in the sidebar. Each of these ranges provide a list of products that is sorted and grouped according to product name*. Click on the name of a product in one of the lists to view that product's associated ReadMe.

This text would indicate that there SHOULD be a range of numbers in the sidebar, and in fact in the past there were ranges (1-10000, 100001-20000 etc).  But they aren't there now.  A number of products do have readme pages, but if you click on >> Product Index, it takes you back to the page I linked above, with no index ranges showing.

The readmes often have a more detailed listing of the files included than the product description does, hence why I'll reference readmes occasionally to check the file list.

So, in short, the index is broken, and some of the readmes appear to be missing.  The missing readmes by itself doesn't bother me as much, but the missing index does, as the text shouldn't mention an index if there isn't one..

I saw a similar thread to this subject via Google, but it's from five years ago.  And the index ranges were working for me fairly recently - six months ago I'm thinking?  I was looking something up a few months back and used the number range links that used to be there.

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    This has been reported


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    Like a Delenda Carthago I'm insisting - PLEASE add the readme's to the products again. This system with cloud readme's is horrid to work with, for instance in these situations.

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    They are back now.

  • tj_1ca9500btj_1ca9500b Posts: 1,368

    Thank you!

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