Models with really high poly/vert counts?

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I wanted to know what effect [Models with really high poly/vert counts?]this has on render times for both pics and animations in Daz3ds and also in Blender.  I'm seeing a lot of my products with high poly/vert counts on the export screen.  Like the figure i am working with right now has 96k polys for hair, 40k polys for a pair of combat boots, and 196k polys (414k verts) for a small patch of pubic hair.  In comparison the G8F body has 16k polys/16k verts.


Aren't those numbers a bit excessive? wont they affect render times by quite a bit?  some of these products have interactive licenses right? so that means they can be used in games and stuff? so people could be using these models for a picture render, an animation or for a game engine. A lot of the high poly stuff does look really nice but is it always necessary to make it high poly? especially on something like a small patch of hair?

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    Poly count can increase render times, it also affects things like viewport redraws. Does it affect render times as much as nearly everything now coming with 4k maps? It doesn't appear so.

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