The Tragedy of the Children of Lir

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Half my life is spent. The next half, my desire is to find beauty in things that once others seen as glorious. History is wonderful. Ancient history is of power. She, History is the fariest of all, is she not? The Irish in my soul longs to find something ancient that I can cling to. Within a book, Celtic Miyths and Tales, I stumbled upon a tragic myth of the Invasions Cycle, "The Tragedy of the Children of Lir". I want to spend some time creating art for this. For this I desire, Daz3D to be my fulcrum. As a mid elder, I'm learning that art, muse, music, gifting... folks... it's to be shared. The beauty is in community. Sure I could compose all this I see in my vision as my own... but what if... I asked others to join... the beauty of community.  Therefore, has anyone at Daz or on this forum modeled and textured swans? They are to be polished as bright as the noon day sun. For these swan are the focal point throughout the myth of "The Tragedy of the Children of Lir." In addition, a beautiful, wiked, female druid, as fair as all in the land, with her wand striking the water. A King too, jewels... ice... storms... winds and tempests... all this that the Children of Lire almost perished unto.... Sadness... Patience within the curse. This myth is one of Hope. How does one paint such things? A Holy Priest. Yes, a humble savior at the end of time to break the curse. I seek to make this art I see and desire to give credit where credit is due. What wonderous words penned as is, "The Tragedy of the Children of Lir." It shall be a spark for even greater things to come. I can't model all this I see by myself. Is there any who would like help me in this I desire, Creating art for "The Tragedy of the Children of Lir?"

It's a start and my desire is to create art for all the ancient Celtic Myths.

Credit shall be given as credit is due. A theme based journey of artists working together.

Speak to me. Give me advise. Share your thoughts here.

Life is a journey folks. Art is how we, together, not only enjoy it, but come to feel it. Art has momemtum and energy.

Therefore, let's make some sparks!


Snow Luminos

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    Hivewire has swans. 

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    This project should really be in the Art Studio forum.

    To move it edit your first post by clicking on the gear icon next to the star and then click edit.   glance to the left and change the category in the drop down there, then save the post.

    I used Noggins swan (from the Daz Store)  for this image.


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    JOdel said:

    Hivewire has swans. 

    And the added advantage to those over the Noggins is that the creator is updating his birds for no extra cost, whereas Noggins swan is getting a bit dated.

  • If you're doing the Children of Lir, you'd need to invest in good swans :-)  That story always made me cry.  SO Celtic... everyone dies, in the most depressing manner possible.

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    Oh, Ken Gilliland's wonderful birds are no longer on Daz?

    I have quite a lot of the songbirds, water birds, parrots and so on.  They are lovely.  I got mine from here, such as shame they are no longer in the store.

    The Noggins' swan isn't bad.  I bought mine back in 2008, gosh how time flies.  Now I need to go play with it and see if I can "Iray-ify" it.

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    Very, very quick test of Noggin's Swan. Ubershader applied, HDRI clicked, rendered.

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    Elgyfu said:

    Oh, Ken Gilliland's wonderful birds are no longer on Daz?

    I have quite a lot of the songbirds, water birds, parrots and so on.  They are lovely.  I got mine from here, such as shame they are no longer in the store.

    No, Ken moved his store to Hivewire3D when it opened as he is one of the founders of that site.

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    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. In approaching this theme, "The Tragedy of the Children of Lir", I've decided to create art that is to be reflective of ancient Celtic spirit, but with a different twist. The characters and art will be of artificial intellegence... "robotic". In other words, not so much organic, but tech driven... It will be a sort of reinvention or return to those ancient days, but relived or resurrected in a modern era where artificial intellegence has all but driven the human race to extinction. Dysotopic in regard to the destruction of the human race's influence upon this new world, but Utopic for the newer species of intelligence that has come to prosper, all due to their ancient human creator's desire to give power over to machines. I care not to even delve into prior ideas of this... yet... it may impossible to do so... I do not desire to recopy "The Terminator" not at all.  A bit of "Blade Runner" may be of influence, but my desire is something newer than this.

    The storyline is driven in a way that the spirit behind, "The Tragedy of the Children of Lir" is still alive and it actually re-lives, re-incarnates itself into a newer realm. Therefore, by repeating itself, even apart from the human race and regenerating itself into this new time of artificial intellegence... they too... these new robotic kings and queens... fall prey to the same tragedy within their own courts.

    With all this said the swans will look like swans... but they will be hard modeled... robotic... cleverly smart... but there makeup is of this newer species.

    The time of humany's power over the earth is dwindling... all due to creating their own gods... In doing so, they've became lesser, but their ancient Myths never die.

    P.S. The Female, artificial intelligent, "queen" of this new world... is a beautiful creature of all the greatest minds of the tech world. Her blood, as energy waves, pulsing like a death star's pull. She wears black lipstick on her silicone lips. I have ideas folks. I envision her, many years ago, writting a song reminding of how she holds her black lipstick in her titanium fingers. Give it a listen. Cheers! 

    Snow Luminos - Black Lipstick

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