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I'm looking for a dynamic business suit, something that can be used for both a professional and a gangster. I already have the morphing business suit, but i really like the properties of dynamic clothing.

Also, is there any other stores where I can buy dynamic clothing?

Thanks for any help!



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    I sell everything thru DAZ but Martin, another PA artist that used to work with Optitex has his own independent store. I don't know if I am allowed to link to other stores so make a search for OptiTex Dynamic Clothes and you will find his website. He has plenty of freebees too. Besides DAZ that is the only other store that sells DAZ Dynamic Clothes as the simulation engine is proprietary from Optitex and the tools to create the clothes have to be licensed from Optitex and extremely expensive.

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    This is a link to Martin's freebies http://www.optitex-dynamiccloth.com/FreebieDownload01.php

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