VYK Banshee

I saw there was a pdf manual on how to use the ghost shader but cannot find it.  Anyone got tips on how to use the ghost shader?

Product link:



Thanks for any help.



  • dragonfly_2004dragonfly_2004 Posts: 1,448

    I don't have this product, but I'm guessing the pdf may be in your 'My Daz 3D Library', which, if your setup is the default is: /This PC/Local Disk:C/Users/Public/My Documents

    Hope that helps!

  • felisfelis Posts: 195

    Accoding to file list it should be in the root of your Daz library named:

    VYK Banshee Tutorial.pdf

  • fengasfengas Posts: 12

    Thank you!  I found it.

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