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Does anyone know if Bryce 7 will be stable enough in Mac OS 10.10 to open a model and export it?

If not then how does one access models built in Bryce for use in other programs?


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    # Bryce 7 is Not currently compatible with OS X 10.7 and above. (this is stated on both the Product Page and the Tech Specs for the program.)

    Please take note of this Sticky thread at the top of the forum

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    Models built in Bryce can only be opened in Bryce and then exported.

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    Maybe, 80% of Bryce 7.1 works just fine under OSX 10.11.6. If your object is stored in the Objects presets that will crash out when selected. The boolean convert works as well as the Object export  so if it’s in a scene file you should be OK.

    This is an image of a 10.11.6 converted object .OBJ exported from Bryce to Modo (I use a dual boot Mac that I also run OS X 10.4.6) .

    Good luck!

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