The Dark God and Goddess Outfit for Gen 8

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Hi, So today I am working on creating a set of clothing props for Gen 8 Male and Female that are Evil. It is a difficult task to get something to look really Evil for me but here is the first render of the Male outfit.

Any help in making it better is very much apriciated, or critasisum very welcome.

I am thinking that he might need some kind of a skirt or something maybe hanging in the back down from his weist, but open in the front.

The Skull is a helmet that can be taken on and off whenever you want.


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  • So this is an update on the outfit, I added a half skirt to his outfit and did a few colour changes. Still trying to make him look more Evil.


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  • Here is a new Scale version.


    new scales.jpg
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  • Newest version I like the best. I also changed the helmet a little to give the eyes a bit more Evil look.


    new helmet.jpg
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  • And here is an actio pose.

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    There is one problem I see with this one, I think the skales or little segments are something that shoult give a solid feeling like metal plates but they move smoothly with the body, so that throws off the effect.

     I'm not much into the spikes and skull theme so I can't say much about the entire design besides that.

  • hmm that is a good point. thanks

  • So far this is what I like and I think will keep it. The outfit will come with two head pieces, a hood and a helmet.

    The outfit will also come with atleast six different material presets.

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    Meant to reply last night, I liked the direction you were going, and I really like the addition of the hood you are showing now. I think the scale texture is good, it keeps it interesting, different from a lot of other armors and more organic looking, but still reads as "armor". Have you tested whether the skirt part works well with dforce? I think it would work well here, and it helps to give a similar effect to a cape without actually being a full length cape starting at the shoulders, which I think wouldn't fit the overall look of the torso. Do you have any examples of how the back is looking so far?

  • Hi, thanks. Yes I will have the scale texture as one of the armor presets, as sceen here. and Yes the skirt is Dforce and it works well. :) Here is a picture of the back as well.

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  • So here are some images with his weapon. 

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  • So here are the meterial presets for the Male outfit. Plus 2 mix ups just to show what you can do. :) Also The helmet colours.

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    Red Black.jpg
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  • Ok so here is the Dark Goddess outfit. :)


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    female3 Back.jpg
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  • And here are the material presets for the Female dark goddess outfit.

    Female black.jpg
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    Female blue.jpg
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    Female brown.jpg
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    Female purpple.jpg
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    Female red.jpg
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    Female Yellow.jpg
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    Female Yellow2.jpg
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    Female Yellow3.jpg
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