Try making 3D sewing pattern envelopes to offer later as freebies, hopefully

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Recently an idea came up to create a 3D shop selling sewing stuff.  Then I was thinking also of get free models such as sewing pattern envelopes.  I could not find any and search for an envelope that will fit in.  I found a model at Sketchup Warehouse that fits more or less a sewing pattern envelope.  But then, how to get it textured was another question.  

I got a link on YouTube to add one's own textures on Sketchup models, in this case how to add texture to bag of crisps.  I followed it (with extra help from forums) and the result is as the image attached. It was not easy for a beginner with limited knowledge of the software too! Guy91600 from Renderosity gave me permission to use his free clothing sets on my images.

I still have to do the back part of the envelope. Tested and rendered in Bryce.  I have used an .obj but how do I save it for use in Bryce when offered it to Brycers?  Do I just save it directly as .obp?  I have never done this before.

If I have success and people will be interested, I will make more different envelopes to share as freebies.


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