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I am wondering if its possible to export more things/ways than landscapes from bryce?

bryce is excellent to create textures and a background skyandground and landscapes,but also would be nice to be able to output a cloudlayer,a sea

bryce is great for make greatlooking things out of imported models that only has dull single colors and import great models and materials change V8 apperance to very different look,like icequeen...





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    You can export terrains, objects and trees from Bryce but not the cloud plane as such. However, you can create an HDRI from a cloudy Bryce sky and export it as HDRI (use spherical if you want to use it in Daz Studio).

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    thanks Horo,didnt thought of trees,I decided to have fun experiment bryce materials

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    Having fun is always good wink

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    Horo I have nothing to loose trying this approach,even if I fail with the intended use, I get wiser and more experienced in something I have never tried before

    there is a fantasy movie with lots of famous actors where they put the leading characters up on standing on a cloud and discovered by an airship sailing there,probably exists closeup views also in other fantasy novels(I think its originally a novel that is made film) I dont know about and scifi

    I would be thankful if anyone have previous experience on make such a cloud in that kinda scene???

    other things might help if you know the right way of a terrain edit it more smoother and rounder,because I dont want it look like Himalaya mountain range sharp landscape is hidden under fog or clouds or other weather kind of fx

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    Clouds are a bit tricky to get right. Start with a primitive (cube, squashed sphere, infinite volume slab) and give it a massive material, start with a stone texture or such. The objects with a massive material must not intersect, otherwise weird things happen. This is a known bug in Bryce 7, it worked fine in Bryce 5.

    Terrains can be smoothed in the TE (Terrain Editor). Terrains come in at 81.92 BU (Bryce Units) square and 20.48 high. This area to height ratio of 4 to 1 is very often exaggerated. Reduce Y so you get a ratio of 5:1 to 10:1. Upscale the terrain. I usually use X=Z=4000 and Y 400 to 800, but sometimes also 2000. Determine how much a BU is: 1 km, 1 mi, whatever, than you also get an idea how height a terrain can be to fit your scene. The shape of the terrain can be adjusted in the TE, Mordor will give you very sharp terrains, Cauliflower Hills round ones. The default resolution of 512 ultra-fine can appear quite coarse when having the camera near, I seldom use a lower resolution than 1024 and very often 4096. Note that you can lower the resolution any time, but to up it, it must be generated anew and to get the same terrain, the three Random options must be deselected

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