Does Poser generate a log file?[solved]

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I'm trying Poser again after a looooong break, and having trouble with Firefly. It would be a lot easier if there was a log file that I could look through and see what's going on, but I haven't found one yet. I've searched in the Poser install directory and the content folder, but found nothing so far. I also searched this forum and the internet in general. I'm wondering if anyone knows where the log file is.

Specifically, the problem is SuperFly renders a scene with the 1080ti, but not 1080ti + 770(4Gb). If I just render a simple prop, it uses both cards, so is SuperFly crapping out because one of the cards doesn't have enough VRAM? I wouldn't want to make an assumption like that without looking at the log file to confirm it.

Also, does SuperFly have any tonemapping settings? My scene is too dark and I could go through and boost all the emissive lights, but I was wondering if I could just adjust it in tonemapping instead.

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    Found it. It's under the Window menu which ... sort of ... makes sense.

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