DaztoMaya error

Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some help with DAZtomaya plugin. The plugin works for me but I receive this error (the skeleton definition is invalid and cannot be locked) so Iam unable to use the skeleton properly. Could you please help. Im using Maya 2018. 


  • Which figure(s) are you using?

  • Which figure(s) are you using?


    I'm getting the same message and as a reply to you're question i am using genesis 8 which is supported by DAztomaya if that was the case i hope you can provide us with help 


  • it_88526f9fit_88526f9f Posts: 1

    I think this will help maybe. So sometime some of the clothing Like the shoes are not right for the character or does not fit or was not made for it exactly and therefore it exports two sets of skeletons when it exports to the temp fbx.(ususall this is becasue you put a none gen 8 clothing item on a gen 8 character)  When the script runs in maya it does not know which one to grab and gets confused and does not rig properly so to fix this you have to delete the shoes (or any non gen 8 compatable item) Export it using the daz to maya script then export the shoes seperate and rig them in maya. 


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