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I was recently asked to do interior artwork for a book that's being published any day now, called "Vampires, werewolves & zombies" (the cover is an original painting by a friend of mine). Here are a few samples (not all of them could fit in the book).
Done in DS, with a few filters afterwards.

1352 x 729 - 148K
1352 x 729 - 377K
1352 x 729 - 244K


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    SteveM17: Great artwork!!! Who is the author if I might ask?? Trish

  • SteveM17SteveM17 Posts: 810
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    The book is an anthology of horror by a writing group called The Monday Knights. Here's another image (this one didn't fit in the book)

    1352 x 729 - 465K
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