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I've been using DAZ Studio for years (Currently 4.11) and still there are features that bewilder me. In this case it is the pane split line in the Shaping Tab. I want to move it to the left (see attached image). I left click on the dividing line and drag left. The split line moves to the left but then as soon as I let go it pops straight back to where it was. So can anyone tell me what secrect combination of buttons I need to press to get DS to do what I want it to?

PS: to the DS developers: Enough with the secret Masonic handshakes! Make the program user friendly.

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  • IsaacNewtonIsaacNewton Posts: 1,016

    After working with the program for a while, I tried moving the split pane line and this time it worked. I have changed nothing so presumably this is just a bug.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 51,491

    Rob says you may well have foud a bug - the text in the top button, whioch lets you target a specific bone (Genesis 8 female Amy : Chest Lower) seems to be acting as a minimum width, so having no selection aor a selection with a very short name ("Cube") allows you to narrow the column more.

  • IsaacNewtonIsaacNewton Posts: 1,016
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    My apologies to Rob for the Masonic handshake comment then :) It now seems to work fine even with the longer specific bone name. The bug occured after I accidentally undocked the pane (I still don't know what odd combination of clicks I did to achieve that) but I couldn't find a way to return it to the group of other panes (Surfaces, Parameters etc). Deleting the Shape pane and then adding it again via the Window : Panes menu just added it again an undocked pane. Deleting the pane and then adding it via a right click in the Group pane (where the sub pane names are shown, Surfaces, Parameters etc) added the Shaping pane back in with the rest of the sub panes but apparently with this temporary bug.

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