Universal Pose Splitter versus Assembly Line Pose -do I need both?

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What's the main difference between these two




Are they different enough that I gain from both? Or is having one of these enough?


  • Different content creators are making similar products. Who makes the better product is a matter of personal opinion. Another product to consider is Ultimate Pose Mixer, it was the one I got.





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    Universal Pose Splitter's primary benefit seems to be for animation and for that it does seem better. Assembly line doesn't do as many different parts of the body out of the gate, but requires the other Riversoft pose utilities to be completely effective, including Ultimate Pose MIxer.  I was ready to buy UPS until I watched the promo videos and saw how slow and clunky the interface was, and that it apparently doesn't create thumbnails of the actual movement being affected. (somneone correct me if I'm wrong, but I have other V3DIgitimes products and while the utility is always good, clunky interfaces seem to come with the territory.)   I bought Assembly LIne a while back, but I find myslef mostly using just Pose Mixer by itself or Zerv0's Pose Builder sets,  as they're much faster to use on the fly. 

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