Bra Under Shirt Collision - How To Fix

How do I get this dress to not collide with the bra? 

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    If the shirt fits OK in general you can select the shirt and apply a Smoothing Modifier (Edit>Figure>Geoemtry>Apply Smoothing Modifier), if the shirt lacks one already, and then in the Parameters pane under Mesh Smoothing set the Collision target to the bra. However, items can have only one collision target so if the shirt is already depending on colliding with the base figure for a good fit that may create problems elsewhere.

    Another option would be to use dForce on the shirt, but not every item will work with dForce.

  • I need to learn how to do that with wearables. Right now all I know how to do is use morphs and fiddle with some of the Parameters. I've found that one of the things that can contribute to this issue with female characters are from having the nipples and/or areola size/depth set too high. Its much less of a hassle when you leave those two parts zeroed, which makes sense & saves time when you're going to have clothes covering those areas.

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    Push Modifier Weight Node is also another option.  This thread has a good tutorial on using them.

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    It is a little difficult to tell with such a small image, but the two problem areas would seem to suggest that the issue may originate with the figure itself. It should be possible to use a morph slider to flatten the breasts around the nipples, if what I am suspecting is true. If the nipples are causing the bra to deform accordingly, then the dress in turn will deform. Again, I cannot tell for certain that this is the issue here, but it may be worth looking at.

  • Thank you all so much. I will try each of these and report back!

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    I created this product for scenarios like this. Might be of interest.
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