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I'm sorry if this is the incorrect place to put this. I wanted to file a help ticket, but I kept getting 404 not found errors. =(

Anyway, I wanted to report a few apparent bugs with the store, mostly with pricing.

Before I logged in, I saw several items priced at $1.00 (The Renaissance Male Clothing for Genesis, R and R time, Sixties Dinette set, and Aiden for M5. There was also a $0.00 item listed, which was the ultralight. Note that all this was before logging in.

After logging in, and sorting the products in the 'New Releases' category by 'lowest price first', the prices on some of the items changed to regular price (The ultralight and the Renaissance clothes listed at full price, the others stayed at $1.00)

To make it even weirder, I logged out, logged back in again, and sorted the new releases category by release date (newest first) The Renaissance clothing was back to $1.00, and the Ultralight back at $0.00. Putting them both in my cart, they appeared at full price again.

Just wanted to report the issue. Again, I would have emailed, but the ticket page is giving me 404 errors. I have screenshots if someone in the bug fix department needs them.

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