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One of the things that annoy me about Hexagon is the things that happen to it without my knowledge, that shut my progress down COMPLETLY and that I can't figure out how to fix.

What ever this issue is I have no freakin idea how to turn it off and I cant go any further with this drawing till I do.
This feature screws everything in the drawing.

Anybody seen it and know how to turn it off?

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    Not 100% sure, but in some other programs that is what it looks like when vertices are "pinned". Is there a setting for that in Hex?

  • Looks like you have the Soft Selection turned on.


    soft selection.jpg
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    Yeah, like John said, That's soft selection mode.  Uncheck that box to turn it off.  

  • Thank you kindly folks. That was the problem.
    I still have no idea how that got chosen or for that matter, why or what it's for but I have the conn again.

  • Glad you got it working Handyman :)


  • By the way...
    The screne shot and description you included was priceless.
    I'd have searched for some time to find that tiny bugger without it.

    Good respond.

  • Thank you Handyman, I find it much easier pass on (and take in) info with pictures.

    Glad I could help :)

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