Searching for Jewish hair style and outfit

Where can I get this hair style and this kind of outfit? Thanks

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467 x 700 - 73K
1024 x 683 - 23K
668 x 1080 - 124K
631 x 1080 - 20K


  • LasciareLasciare Posts: 95

    About the hair, I would try to isolate one or two locks from a hair model like this one:

    and use the lock or locks as extensions.

  • Catherine3678abCatherine3678ab Posts: 525
    edited October 23

    How's the search going?

    I whipped this up for Genesis, think I should improve the uvmap before releasing it ... let me know if you're interested.

    n.b. this 'straight' hair went a little goofy with the morphing of Genesis down to a child size.

    Given the lack of response guess the op was not interested so back in the drawer in goes.

    I removed the images not to waste the bandwidth here.




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