Real Light HDR Gels - Bulbs Dimension Theory

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First, let me thank Dimension Theory for making some of the best uses of HDRI lighting sets on sale here.
Not only do his products totally do what they say, they enable the user to use his own images for
outstanding results.
In his new product Real Light HDR Gels - Bulbs. The lighting section lists that hdri images without
conversion to tiff are used.
I took the liberty of importing some of my own ( especially studio types) and they work fine.
How recent is this ability to use HdRI images (unconverted to tiff files) been in use.
May they be incorporated into other areas ( Skydomes, etc)
Of all the question I have ever asked here, consider this most important.
Do a lot of work with HDRI in other programs and have built an enormous collection
Would truly appreciate any help.
Many thanks......

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