Extras for Exo on G2F - updated with More!

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Following a few discussions in the forums, thought some might like these.

IF one has 'exo' dialed up and desires a more masculine top, 01 will do the task.
IF one reverses 01, 01rev will fix the pap area.


The female shown was reduced slightly in size [normal Parameter option] but is showing the reversed morph ;-)

1000 x 1000 - 986K
1000 x 1000 - 1000K
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  • patience55patience55 Posts: 6,988
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    Updated the file. It's safe to let it overwrite itself, nothing was changed of the early release. Promos show morphs dialed in full, obviously one doesn't have to use them all, or all fully.

    Usage - commercial and non-commercial renders are okay AFAIK. For anything more than that, go by whatever you have rights for to the purchased product(s) in the first place ;-)

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