How big?

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Is there an easy way to see how big an object is in dazstudio
any kind of measuring System?


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    I think there are rulers/measuring devices available somewhere, and I think the grid is in a certain number of meter-long dividions. You can simply create a cube primtivie, and specify it to be however tall you want, like 1 meter, and then you have a 2-meter measuring stick in your sceene you can set up against other objects. Or make it 3 meters with 30 divisiions, then each division will be a decimeter. Or use feet instead of meters.

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    This is on ShareCG : A measuring Wall .

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    There was a free utility for Daz Studio called 'SizeOf'. I have the link to Richard Haseltine's list of free scripts, but it's for the old forum and doesn't seem to work. Here it is anyway.

    If anyone can get that page or has a new link to DS freebies, it's there somewhere. All you do is select an object and click the script, and it gives you a full readout of its dimensions.

    Edit - The grid system in DS is measured in 1 meter squares and all measurements in the Parameter pane are in centimeters. One way of measuring heights is to create a 1 meter cube, then use Yscale to raise/lower the cube height to match the figure/object (use the Front camera for this). Say it's a figure and the cube height is 170%, that means the figure is 1.70cm high.


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    so it seems no measuring System in dazstudio
    would be nice to have such an Option under Szene Info maybe
    more and more i see there are some simple things just not implemented
    always alot of Workarounds here and there
    but thx for trying to help

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