Surface tab/presets question regarding deleted materials and the persistence of their corresponding

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I've deleted some material files that I created, but the icons for them continue to persist. They have an exclamation now. How do you get rid of the icons?


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    From the Content Library or Smart Content pane Options menu (the rectangle with horizontal lines in the upper corner) > Content DB Maintenance > Remove Orphaned Items

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    Unfortunately I did not delete several materials via the content library as you explained, but deleted the material file from the folder it was in. Now i can't seem to remove the icons for those few via the method you explained. I know how to do it now, per you instructions, but i got about three icons that persist that I would like to get rid of.

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    You could also just Close DAZ and File Delete the Icons from the Folder or folders. Then the remove Orphans should work the next time you run DS.

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