Splitting content folders

i have been thinking, of customizing my content folders...for practical reasons ...basically having one content folder for genesis and genesis 2

and another for genesis 3 and 8


my question is, would it cause much trouble in daz studio?...also, if i got genx2, would having the separated folders cause errors?


if you are wondering...i want to do this because i use carrara more than daz studio...and as of now, c8.5 can only work with g1 and g2 figures


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    The default scheme for Studio already splits content into folders by Generation and Gender, for those items that are specific to same.

    As long as all of your folders are in the Content Manager and DIM install paths it shouldn't matter.

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    I don't think you can tell DIM "My Genesis 3 and 8 content goes in PathB while everything else goes in PathA". 

    However, as long as you're doing manual installs, the split content folders shouldn't cause you any problems. Studio is fine with locating things in multiple folder structures.

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    JonnyRay said:

    I don't think you can tell DIM "My Genesis 3 and 8 content goes in PathB while everything else goes in PathA".

    You can install to separate content directories with DIM, just not automate the choice of the target directory: with your scenario, register both paths as install path in DIM, then:

    1. set pathB as current install path
    2. select all G3 / G8 items from "ready to install", and tell DIM to install them
    3. once they're all installed, set current path to pathA
    4. select remaining "ready to install" items and tell DIM to install them

    And also tell DIM to install update to the directory where original was installed.

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    Thanks @Leana I didn't know that functionality was in DIM. :)

  • i install my stuff manually 

    i don't use DIM 


  • the problem also, being that some genesis characters are showing blank folders in Carrara...yet, when i look in the folders, or use daz studio, the folder has stuff in it

    like James 


    as you can see..in carrara, it's empty...but in windows, there is the stuff

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    When manually installing extract the files and folders inside the "Content" folder (DIM knows to do this).

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    James is an installer...bitrock i think

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