dforce Blacksmith Outfit for Genesis 8 Male

All the items in this outfit convert to Poser except the Apron.  Can this be fixed? It just doesn't show, aplthough you can see  part of it in the Material Room.


  • It may need regrouping so that the group names match the bone names, if they don't.

  • Naturally this is above my paygrade.

  • Richard, any reference to get me started?

  • I just loaded the apron and its only surface group is default, so that does appear to eb the isue. Open the Tool settings pane, switch to the Geometry Editor tool, make sure you have the Apron selected, then in the pane under Face Groups double-click the default name and chnage the text to match one of the bones - say Chest. Then try your route to Poser with that - I can't test.

    Looking at the bones with the Joint Editor tool, they do seem to be set up with the expectation of there being appropriately named selection groups so you might want to report this as a possible bug.

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