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So I decided on a whim that I wanted to make y'all a heart pillow for Valentine's Day..  but of course I got carried away.



1000 x 800 - 212K
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  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 4,262

    Nice looking set - thank you very much!

  • thanks, that is so nice. looks good.

  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 1,995

    Beautiful work. Thank you, Fisty!

  • Thanks, Fisty! These look great yes

  • Faeryl WomynFaeryl Womyn Posts: 1,165

    I love these and thank you

  • Beautiful. Thank you,

  • barbultbarbult Posts: 11,214

    We love it when you get carried away! Thank you. They look really amazing.

  • atoxicatoxic Posts: 26

    thank you. looks great, ideal for furnishing some interiors

    Nice Days and Nice Renders


  • Thank you very much!

  • carrie58carrie58 Posts: 2,419

    Thank you very much

  • barbultbarbult Posts: 11,214
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    At the Fisty and Darc Clinic, they use fancy pillows to "cushion" the blow of bad news.

    MAXX Emergency Props Pillows_001.jpg
    2000 x 2000 - 2M
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  • FistyFisty Posts: 3,364

    I could of used several this afternoon at the clinic when we had to put our cat down...  crying

  • I am so sorry about your cat. Hugs!


    (Yes, I will be getting your pillows, they are lovely!)

  • barbultbarbult Posts: 11,214

    Oh, no! That is sad. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 20,171

    Sorry to hear about your cat.


    I do love your work.  I better check out your freebies tonight when I am on the computer again.

  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 8,876

    Ah, honey, I'm so sorry about your kitty.  HUGS!  


    Nice set of pillows.  Thanks so much!  heart

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 4,355

    So sorry about your kitty Fisty!

    I do so love the pillows though downloaded them and now working on putting them into the scene I am working on!!!

  • Carola OCarola O Posts: 2,780

    Many thanks for the pillows! And many hugs too, it's never easy to lose a loved one

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