displacement brush failure

Just lately I have had an issue with the displacement brush... when I click a brush style and bring the curser into the window with the object I'm trying to  do some "displacing" It looks like the attached image and doesn't work at all...  I had this problem last week and then yesterday everything was working as it should ... then today I had the same issue... Any idea of what my problem ight be?


hexagon displacement issue.jpg
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  • Yeah, it's a known bug.  Go to preferences and / 3D displace, advanced, and uncheck "Local Redraw".  Let me know if that works.  That usually fixes the problem, but you said it was working fine once before, so maybe it's something different. 

  • mtnmenmtnmen Posts: 443

    Thank you for that... I'll be near my "Hexagon" computer later today and I'll give it a try...  I'll let you know how it went...


  • mtnmenmtnmen Posts: 443

    Well, MaxHancock... You hit that nail on the head... I unchecked "local redraw" ...and  Voilla! I now have a functional displacement brush... Thank you very much...


  • KharmaKharma Posts: 3,160

    thank you so much for that tip, I was also having the same issue. I am a new user of Hexagon and just learning my way around it.

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