can the DIM install the products into multiple external runtimes?

Hi, I keep my poser content in multiple external runtimes. Im' just reorganizing them at the moment and was hoping to put all my poser content i have bought here into external runtimes.  But when i download with DIM and manually unzip the zips the runtimes are all in content folders. I was wondering if the DIM could install the runtimes into separate runtimes without me needing to create a new path for each one and doing the files one at a time.

Love esther


  • Yes, just set the directories up in the Installation tab of settings (click the gear icon at top-right) then you can set the current dierctory by clicking the Details box at the bottom of DIM's installation tabs. It will use only one diectory at a time, but you can multi-select all the tiems that go to a particular location.

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