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I'm trying to do a morph on a piece of clothing.  The tutorials I've seen all said to export from Daz as a .obj (wavefront) file.  Before the export, I made sure to have only that figure in the scene and set on my figure:

  • No fitting or adjustments
  • Resolution Level = Base
  • View subD Level = 0
  • Render subD level = 0

I imported my *.obj into hexagon, did my adjustments, exported as a *.obj and everything seems happen.  When I try to use it as a morph in Daz, it complains about non-matching geometry (vertex count is wrong).  I did some more digging, and it seems like something is going wrong in the Hexagon import.  The Daz exported *.obj has the correct vertex count, but as soon as Hexagon finishes the import script, it's added vertecies.  However, if I use the Send to Hexagon... menu option from witin Daz, it has the correct vertex count.  When I import the *.obj, which came from Daz, into Blender, the vertex count is correct.  What am I doing wrong in Hexagon?

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    If this is G8F or G8M, be sure eyelashes are off when you export.

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    There's no genesis anything.  It's a wardrobe item with nothing else in the scene.

    I looked at the *.obj files in a text editor and it looks like the problem is in the Hexagon import.  If I'm reading the *.obj file correctly, lines prefixed by 'v' are for verticies and the Daz export *.obj file has the correct count.  But as soon as Hexagon does the import, the count is wrong.

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    I don't use Hexagon, so I won't be able to help. Try asking in the dedicated Daz Hexagon forum. You will probably find a higher concentration of people viewing your message who use Hexagon. You can move your message thread to that forum by editing the first message in this thread. Admins frown on posting the same question in two places, so moving it is a better option. 

  • Thank you.  I edited my original with what I've learned since and move it to the Hexagon forum.

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