Poser clothing creation question

I just got a new Poser figure but I have no clothing for this figure.  I would like to make some but I am trying to find some good tutorials probably on YouTube.  I do have Hexagon and Blender.  Which is better for modeling clothing?  What do I need to know?


Should I export the figure from poser or just use the obj that is included?


  • You can export your figure from Poser as an obj file and then import it into Hexagon.

    In Hexagon have two windows open with front and side views (cameras) of the figure.  You can lock the figure in place.

    I posted a (less than perfect) video on You Tube and brought up the subject in this thread: https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/198736/making-a-simple-clothing-item

    I went on to try a couple of animations with the clothing but it was exactly at that point that DAZ introduced DForce so there was little point in continuing to show output from Poser's Cloth Room, which - to my mind - is excellent. 

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