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Anyone got any advice on how to do this and put the layers together? I'm a complete noob on this. I'm trying to render a scene with a skydome and DS died on the spot render. In my scene I have the BWC skies: , Bridge of Cheirocrates and the character. The character is looking out over the bridge. I've turned all the parts of the bridge I'm not using invisible. How would a split this up into layers? Are there any tutorials? Thanks.


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    What I would do is keep the lighting the same for each, then render each individual part - skydome, background, foreground elements - separately, as .png files with transparency. (Make sure the skydome is turned off when rendering the other parts, just in case.) Then assemble the pngs as a layered image in Photoshop or similar image editor. Won't carry shadows from one layer to another, though, so that's one downside. I'm not aware of any handy tutorials, though. Sorry...

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    For Shadows I always did a layer with the minimum needed to get just the shadows that were needed.
    But Yes the trick is to keep the lighting 100% the same and the Camera as well. All other stuff can be rendered as the minimum needed to get all the layers need. IF saved in png format the layering will be easy, just do back to front layering.

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    Forget it.

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    Thanks for the advice. I will try this out.

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