Clothing replacement

I was wondering if DAZ studio could be used for clothing replacement over live action footage?
I have a product relating to Star Trek, where I wanted to use rotoscoping to do this.
I was also looking for uniforms for Star Trek, from Star Trek beyond, and the cadet uniforms from Star Trek (2009).

Also a 2009 bridge, or a TOS aesthetic updated bridge would help.


  • I can't imagine any easy way to do the clothing replacement over live footage.  If I understand properly what you want to do, then you would need the clothing to be posed, correctly lit and lined up, frame by frame over the live footage.  This would take forever and a day and it would be impossible to avoid a fake look.  But that surely isn't what your asking?

    If you intend to produce a DAZ Studio animated version of the live footage by rotoscoping then that should be possible but I don't myself know whether the original video footage can be put into the background of DAZ Studio as it can in some other software.  If not, then each frame of the footage would need to be copied into the background one at a time.  The figure with the different clothes would be posed against that frame and then the same would be done for the next frame.  It would be a long process, but animation is a long process  If I was attempting to do this I would do it with nothing but the figure in the DAZ Studio scene and add the set later.  You would need to be sure that the frames per second of your animation matched the live footage.  (footage can be imported to Poser in the background).

    I'm sorry that I haven't any information on your other questions but with Star Trek being so popular I would think that most things should be available here at DAZ or elsewhere.  It may be that this question might get more replies in The Commons.

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