Trying To Recreate iikuuk's old (2005) Poser 6 'Surface Imperfection Shader'

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I'm referring of course to the screenshot of the shader in this old Renderosity post which I've reposted below:

I've just manually set up this Shader in PP2014, and I think I've made a mistake (or two, or three - most likely in connections or values) because it doesn't seem to work as intended. Here's a screenshot of my recreation (the dNdu node is there,but the material room moved it a couple of inches north of where it should be):

I recall reading somewhere that dNdu etc only work properly if you're using smoothing - i.e. 'Smoothing' ticked* in render settings and in the prop's parameter tab, and crease angle set high enough to prevent any creases.
So I tried using my attempt at the shader with a couple of props and SubD.

It doesn't work.

Can anybody see any mistakes in my recreation of the shader ?

996 x 944 - 185K
1014 x 1169 - 249K
1105 x 784 - 105K
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    The MT5 file that I created is in the attached ZIP (to save anybody who wants to help me and try it out from having to recreate everything from scratch):

    iikuuk's Surface
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