Reactivate Poser 11?

I opened Poser 11 this moring only to have a pop up message stating that my activation code was out of date and that I had 7 days to reactivate. I find this odd since I've had poser 11 for a while now and have never encountered this issue before. It's acting as if I have a trial version and not the full version with the supplied activation code and yes I bough my compy directly from SM. Anyone else get this pop up when they opened Poser?


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    No. Check with SM support.
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    I had some issues with poser 11 recently I could not get the Poser11 DLM to recognize the Serial code. It took SM tech support about a week helping me to figure out what was going on. It turned out that during a windows update or maybe i did it by accident I'm not sure. But a couple of setting under services was set as disabled instead of being enabled or prompt,, We only happen to find it when going through Windows MSCONFIG/services as a last resort. it was a real head scratcher. because it never had done before & was blocking steam game manager as well. I not saying this is your issue But you might check msconfig and go through your services settings to see if a setting got changed.

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  • Hi PaganArtist,

    I'm not a Poser guru but I saw that Smith-Micro introuduced this feature with the Poser 2014 Game-Dev version (if that is what it was called) and included it with Poser 11.

    It's some kind of anti-piracy measure.  If the program hasn't 'called home' in a while it de-activates.  To me it's shocking, much as I like Poser.  There isn't any problem for anyone who uses the program while on-line every so often.

    Apparently there is some way to opt-out of this feature but I haven't followed it up because what I needed to do wasn't too clear.

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