Thanks Arki and all for The Sylph G8 bundle

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I love this outfit for V4. It fits ok for G8 with a whole lot of tweeeking and camera angle hiding. So imagine my pleasure to see the Sylph outfit for G8.  Arki is one of my favorite PA and she just keeps killing it.  Now, fingers crossed for Dragonkeeper and Lotus for G8 along with the texture sets from Anna Benjamin. Let me also just add that the whole bundle looks amazing, so shout out to Marshian, RiverSoft Art, and Darwins Mishap(s), can't waint to render this whole bundle

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  • JOdelJOdel Posts: 4,588

    I'm assuming that the 8 version won't take the textures from the original version though. Or am I wrong?

  • ArkiArki Posts: 141

    No, a few of the items were remapped and will not take the old textures.

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