Using "Aim at Selection" Messes up all previous Camera keyframes in animate.

Trying for 30 hours to understand basics.



I don't wanna use DS timeline, but animate2 to set different camera positions.Ok, I setup Cam Position1 on Frame 1 hit "Add keyframe on my animate2 camera block,I see the colored bars appearing), repeat for CamPos2 on Frame 2, etc.(So far working) But sometimes to better navigate the cam I have to select a bodypart, and hit "Aim at selection".

Now before moving camera I select my camera again, and doubleclick in animate2 on my camerablock to get to keyframes.When I now change the cam position, all my previous camera angles get totally messed up, and I don't understand why.I have tried letting the Key 0 frame empty, trying to set Key0, Key1 etc.Tried also to let default cam on Key 0, tried on key0 selecting all my objects, hitting memorizes Items, etc. Sometimes I can restore my positions, when going to key 0 and "restore selected items".


Also what I don't understand, is why when I have my Camerablock in Animate2 selected, double-clicked to see keyframe, why timeline is still doing keyframes on my timeline for the cam. I can delete them, and everything is still fine. When I use animate I heard it should deactivate the timeline?


thx for the help....getting frustrated.





  • If you are looking through a camrea and adjust the view you will set a keyframe. It's better, when setting up a scene, to use the Perspective View (which isn't animated or added to the Undo stack).

  • Hmmm. Can somebody help me understand? Now I have a workaround.kinda.Example in Key 5(viewport) I select bodypart I wish to rotate my view around, adjust view, all previous camera keys get messed up, I go to Key 0 in timeline! not animate, delete 0 key,..and all keys are normal. But key 5 position is gone. Now I can go back to key 5, and finally rotate my view around the object, and it saves and all keys are normal. But this is not practicable. I also tried always to manually press Key+ in animate after every camera change, but doesn't help. 


    My still creates black keyframes in timeline, but I can delete them all, and all stays put. Wow my mind is blown,....this is sooo wierd.

    Can anybody explain? I am trying this for 30 hours

  • "If you are looking through a camrea and adjust the view you will set a keyframe."

    Thx for answer. I want to add a keyframe. One Scene...several different expressions/Camera angles, so I can render all in one rush. I just wanna adjust the rotation center in that moment alone. Not change pivot point in general. Just rotate my camera around that object to set up angle.


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