Eevee realtime renderer in DAZ Studio?

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Any talk or discussion around DAZ Studio possibly implementing this in the future? How wonderful would it be to pose your character and see a pretty close representation of what it may look like when done in Iray? It can be tough and inefficient to always do test renders as I am posing.



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    I'd rather see Cycles.

  • A bridge to Blender is more likely to happen IMO

  • A real time preview of renders is a nice idea.  However, I don't think Eevee would work as a 'real time' preview for Iray, because Eevee materials are compatible with Cycles, and Cycles materials aren't compatible with Iray: ergo, Eevee materials would not 'just work' in Iray like they do in Cycles.

    Unlike Cycles, I'm not sure whether Eevee can easily be disentangled from Blender and be dropped in to another product.

    Other non-technical issues occur to me.  Licensing is the obvious one - Daz may not like the GPL, especially the responsibilities it would put on them.  (They have used Postgres but that has a more permissive licence.). 

    I think we are more likely to get a biased renderer from Nvidia to use with their graphics cards.

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    Iray already has a realtime viewport render in Daz Studio( if your vid adapter is Nvidia--though it is not that slow with few objects on my radeon).

    Just use the drop down in the right hand corner of the view pane.

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    or set you viewport to NVIDIA iray, if you have the power of two or more big cards, its a nice way to work.

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    You are fortunate indeed if you have the hardware that will allow Iray preview mode to render as quickly as Eevee or other 'realtime' renderers, i.e. if you blink, you will miss it updating as you move around the scene.  The results are less physically accurate, but good enough for many use cases.

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  • I belive there is a script by mcasual that will let you send your daz stuff over to blender. Just use that.

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    Understood. Eevee is more closely related to Cycles, not Iray of course. My main inefficiency is that I always have to do a quick render to see if the shadows look right. I can only afford a single card right now so I don't have those blazing speeda that some of you enjoy.

    I tried Eevee render on my machine and WOW it is day and night how I can quickly mock up a scene and make it look right. I would probably take twice as long in DAZ Studio. I now bring my projects into Blender to setup the lights and render from there. I am just more used to using the DAZ interface more. Blender 2.8 interface just changed to make it easier for newbies so no more right click select (by default).

    Others may not have this issue but my Iray in the viewport would lag when I try to change the view or setting. It would change to an untextured mesh and refreshes intermittently while I change the view - then after a half second later after releasing the mouse, it begins to render the preview. Do you get this? I have a ti-780. It is not as silky smooth as in Octane when changing views.


    EDIT: Nevermind, just needed to set the Draw Mode to Interactive in the Draw Settings for Iray.

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