Geometry Editor Tool - detach mesh to a new Object in the scene?

Can this be done using the Geometry Editor Tool? The hiding fuctionality is fine and all but it would be really nice if I could just part it off into a separate object in the scene. That way I don't need to fire up another 3d program to detach the part.


  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 25,350

    you can edit delete hidden polygons then save as a new support asset new name and under a new data folder by using presumably your own name or anything just not the original assets one

  • Hide the parts you don't want, right-click in Viewport>Geometry Editing>Delete Hidden (the chnage log shows there will be an option to simply delete selected in the next build, which will make things easier), then export as OBJ and reimport using the same preset (DS uses only one copy of any given asset geometry, I believe, so you need to break the link to your modified version in order to load the original into the scene).

  • cain-xcain-x Posts: 55

    Hmm, that does sound interesting. I'll try that - although DAZ could use a path to just make the selected mesh into a new object.Hope it makes it in as a feature request!


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