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Can someone identify this character used for this promo image? Is she a Genssis 3 or Gensis 8 character and which one?


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  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 30,113
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    ...looks sort of like Teen Josie.  Not sure if Josie 7 or Josie 8.

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  • nicsttnicstt Posts: 7,940
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    The pouty lips and big eyes suggest Josie; think there might be some separate morphs added though.

    Just checked out the textures; not seeing that look on any of the TJs, so likely other character's textures.

    It would help if we had a link to the character; more info you provide, the more help we can be.

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  • DivamakeupDivamakeup Posts: 8,279

    This gets asked a lot. SWAM uses that promo girl (or versions of that girl) in many of their promo images and there have been dozens of requests for "who is she" in the forum. lol

    I think some have narrowed it down to perhaps a modified/morphed version of Faith with Danny's textures. That's just a guess though. I THINK the textures are probably right, as they look like Danny's. I'm not sure about the character morph though. :) The mouth, nose, and face shape does look a bit similar to Faith's, imo. So perhaps a modified version of her? 

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