OptiX crashing Daz

I'm getting a lot of OptiX Prime related crashes of late. Sometimes it's on any attempt to render a scene with OptiX turned on, sometimes it's on the second or third iteration of the scene after starting Daz; it's also often associated with using more VRAM, so it would seem to be potentially memory related (I do often have issues with a memory leak that causes a lot of my scenes to fall back to CPU rendering after a couple of attempt), but it can also happen with a reported RAM usage only about 2 GB, which even for my fairly tame GTX 1050 Ti isn't anywhere near its 4GB limit.

I'm not sure why it's now causing crashes more than it's causing CPU rendering, as I have  Windows and my graphics card drivers set to only update with my permission, mostly to help keep track of these things, and I didn't do any updates around the time this problem started to become prevalent. It's possible that something else I have installed has changed settings, but checking install dates, the only reasonable plausible candidate would be "Cities Skylines", installed 21st December.

I can render with OptiX turned off, or constantly restart Daz in the case that it's not crashing on the first attempt, but these are both considerably slowing any work, so I thought I'd come and inquire on the forum to see if there are any known causes/fixes before I try sending in bug tickets (that I probably wouldn't be expecting a particularly rapid response on anyway).

(I should note that I've not yet attempted reinstalling Daz, because I don't want the hassle of having to reconfigure my libraries or re-registering plug-ins, so I'm considering that further down the tech support chain).

I'm running an i7 4790, Windows 8.1 64-bit, 16 GB RAM (DDR3, can't remember exact speed) and a GTX 1050 Ti - it's not a great system for Daz, but it's what I've got.


  • areg5areg5 Posts: 421

    I've been dealing with Optix Prime crashes for quite some time.  Yes, it does use more VRAM.  I've found that if the VRAM load is sort of close to your capacity, crashes are more frequent.  If my system crashes to CPU with it on, I turn it off.  If it crashes when it's off (less frequent) I turn it on.  I've also noted more frequent crashes to CPU if windows wants to update.

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