Is there any way to upgrade from Carrara 8 to 8 Pro now?

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I am interesting to challenge Carrara 8 (because now time sale,,)

though I know DAZ often change the price of their products, so I want not to regret to buy.

then I feel if I can upgrade carrara 8 to 8 pro later, I will buy carrara 8 now.

but I do not know how much it will costs to upgrade , (if sale finished,, it cost so much expensive?
but I know many people got daz 8 pro before , more low cost than sale price at this sale.
I feel therre were many way to upgrade,,)

then can I upgrade it,,or not.? and I do not have Carrara 7.

this will be first time to buy Carrara.

and I want to know where is different carrara8 and carrara 8 Pro.

And can I download 8.5 beta, if I buy carrara 8 normal ver ?

or I should buy 8 pro ver to download 8.5 beta?

I do not know at all carrara without it is powerful 3d tool(It can do many things more studio, hexagon, ,,)
so hope someone guide and read me the start point of Carrara world .

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    Hi kitakoredaz :)

    There is a Downloadable "Trial / demo" version of Carrara 8 Pro, available at
    it works for 30 days and then stops.

    The Beta version of C8.5 is for "testing" and is only available to Carrara owners. it's not ready for release yet, and there will be a fee charged to upgrade from C8 to C8.5 (we don't know how much) but Daz usually have some sort of sale / discount / crazy pricing.

    The differences between Carrara Pro and Standard can be found here.

    Normally you can upgrade from Standard to Pro at any time, but it makes more sense to wait for a Daz Sale / special offer :)

    Right now, in the new store, some upgrade options may not be there yet...

    Hope it helps :)

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    thank you 3Dage . I really trust you .

    then I want to ask ,, frankly to say please!!

    what will you do , If you were I ?( it is strange question and strange english,, maybe,,)
    you know many things about 3D and DAZ , but I am new comer about 3d , I just learned daz,and play with figure in daz studio,
    sometimes tweak shape around breast in hexagon ^^;)

    1 get carrara 8 now !! you may upgrade it lately. and it seems not so expensive than you buy pro in this sale time.
    2 get carrara 8 pro now!! it is big chance!! and it seems last big chance!!
    3 no . It is not good time,, you should better save money and you can buy many other moprh or tool
    clothing what you want for your figure .

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    HI kitakoredaz :)

    Thanks :)

    I've bought a couple of "standard" versions of different software over the years, and I've always found that I needed to change to the Full / Pro version just to get the features I wanted. ... so, now I only buy the full versions. the very least, it means you have more tools to learn, and more options to experiment with.

    While Bryce and Hexagon are both good programs. they only specialise in one thing.

    Carrara does landscapes and Modelling , as well as Rigging, texturing (painting) Mapping, and it has a Plant creation system, dynamic Hair, Volumetric clouds etc,.. etc...
    and the big plus is that it works with the Daz / Poser figures, but you're not limited to those,.. You can create your own models in carrara, rig them , create morphs, and animate it in carrara.

    I'd download the Demo /trial today, and play with it for a few days,. ..but..
    If the Pro version is within your budget right now,.. I'd grab it.

    Hope it helps :)

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    I am a little embarrassed to ask such a question, but can you please provide me a link to the Upgrade-to-Pro item in the store...?

    I can find the standard version item, I can find the Pro full version item, but for my life I cannot find the upgrade item. I searched through the store, used the search function, but still...

    I know that I had seen it 1000s of times in the old store and often thought about buying it. But right now, I seem to be blind. :(

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    I think the upgrade is MIA at the moment — look at — I think the solution is to call DAZ and ask them for help with the upgrade.

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    Orion_Uk said:

    After a few messages to Zendesk and a phone call I got it sorted ;)

    I had some help from Britney & Joanie. Britney tried hard to help me but she had problems processing my card online. Strangely Joanie managed to do it by phone after a 10 minute call (dunno how much that cost me from UK to USA!) and now I finally have a copy of 8.1.1 Pro build 12...yay :)

    I could have settled for using the 8.5 Beta (and still will use it while available) but I wanted a full pro copy that I could permanently use even after the Beta testing period is over just in case I cant afford the 8.5 upgrade from standard!

    I mainly wanted it as the pro version allows import of Syntheyes camera tracking out put files and standard does not. While I have become dependent on the 8.5 Beta, there is no certainty that I will be able to afford the 8.5 upgrade price on release.

    I did get my pro version (upgrade from standard) for a extremely good price of £69.95 :)
    While it has been quite a battle to get success, I am grateful that Daz sold the upgrade to me at such a low price. I am sure you can tell from my previous post that my patience was running thin, but now I am finally happy.

    A bit scared on how smooth the upgrade process will run when I can afford (and its released) to upgrade to 8.5 pro :P

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