PostgreSQL CMS errorr, again.

Yes I've researched this.  AFAIK, this doesn't quite fit any  of the solutions I've seen and tried already..  If this isn't the place to ask or anyonne knows the soution, please inform me.

Running ubuntu 18.10 with updates (one of which broke blender), wine64 3.0.3-2, DAZStudio( 64 bit) 4.10.  DS does try to start and runs even w/o Smart Content.  During initialization I get the dreaded PosteSQL CMS connection error.  On my Mac I can see 8 postgres processes/threads fire up.  I'm told something similar happens  on Windows.  I have caught them trying to fire up on ubuntu.  Then they vanish and I get the connection error message.  I opened port 5432 (postgres' port) in the firewall then compltetely turned the firewall off.  Nmap claims port 5432 is closed so no one has it.  I should note that while native ubuntu postgres is installed, it isn't running.  There is no entry for it in a systemctl list-units dump.  If it was running, nmap  would have seen an open port w/o DS running.  I have found no log entries anywhere that help in finding out why the DS native postgres is failing.

Help greatly appreciated.

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