will daz become like many of the other softwares subscription only


i really hope not and daz stays free and many like the subscription per / mo

what do you think of the subscription software today ..........dishing up 300 to 800 just to use a 3d modeling software

i first started out in bryce and then daz and other software and then vue .....yep vue is now a subscription only

makes me want to start trying blender 3d



  • Sven DullahSven Dullah Posts: 3,503

    I have a hard time believing they would go this route, but what do I know;) Subscription only is not something that works for me, they can have it:)

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    If they did I hope they wouldn't go the way of Adobe Photoshop. After I bought the last standalone version for a very pretty penny they decided to go subscription CC and not too long afterwards sent me consistent harassing screen warnings that my standalone Photoshop version was illegal despite having the sales slip for it. In short, it's cool as long as you could still operate the older versions of Daz and they don't bully users into going to the sub service - there is nothing worse!...but, saying that I find that a lot of software companies are now also offering perpetual licences rather than just the subscription service - if you can afford it.

    I wonder if any competition to Daz may crop up in the future and give them a run for their money. Competition is always good and the user usually wins...for a time. 

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 30,269

    What wouuld the subscription for a program that is available for zero cost run out to be?

  • HavosHavos Posts: 3,804

    If you look at all the examples of software that have become subscription services, in all cases they had previously been selling their software, and are now selling it via subscription. DAZ does not sell DS, they give it away, so why would they switch to subscription? They make their money via content sales, and these would drop dramatically if the number of users fell.

    The only way a subscription model for DS makes any sense is if they are giving you access to a large amount of content you currently have to pay for.

  • Wendy_CarraraWendy_Carrara Posts: 20,654

    I can plausably see the possibilty of somebody creating an online rendering service using content loaded in the browser, if not by DAZ someone else will come up with it, just DAZ already has the content.

  • macleanmaclean Posts: 2,095

    Well, since the software is free, I'm hazarding a guess that the subscription would be free too. But maybe they would pay us to take out a subscription?

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    Didn't want to be the obvious guy in the room, but Daz already does subscriptions.


    It's called the PC+ program and we are all (-really, many, many of us) already on board and are happy to do it. lol, not lol.

    The subscription is about saving money and incentives spending more to save...more money...by buying more....because the savings...


    Where things aren't rosy (and I've gone here before) is where the saving-incentives makes you pay for the stuff that would be FREE in an update if you were paying for the software outright.

    Lots of these plug-ins and scripts and add-ons and extenders - could (and sometimes SHOULD) be included with the "most current version" of Daz.

    So overall, you are technically paying for Daz Studio in parts.

    I like this model and would probaly have been using a game engine or other 3D modeling app/software(s) (at least at the start) if Daz was costly and/or seemed difficult to grasp.

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  • Griffin AvidGriffin Avid Posts: 2,936

    Furthermore, I think Daz should be everyone's entry point to...everything...

    Maybe Blender has a small edge for the modeling part, but if you were to grow into wanting to create your own models, daz is still a starter choice.

    You get to see all the different aspects and then decide what sparks your interest. 

    If you like the basics of animation, then you jump to a suite of other apps......


    No one that I really know- only uses ONE APP for EVERYTHING....so really you're still building a connected hub of apps.

    Who would start, right off, with a big subscription service (or ANY subscription service) or shell out a huge amount of cash (with zero resale value) to get their feet wet?

    Keep Daz free.

    That's one of its biggest advantages.

    The middle-man option is a tier, where the Basic Daz Light, has all this stuff and maybe there's a Daz Studio Pro that includes a bunch of (included from jump) features...

    But looking at the difficulty in maintaing this one (store and studio) version, let's not do that.

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