Genesis 8 Female Loading Without Eyelash or Tears Mats

For some reason I can't get any G8F character to load from their native files without having to add them myself. All other textures are loaded fine except for the eyelashes and the tears (or moisture directly along the bottom eyelids). Never used to have this problem, though I haven't done anything special to the files or anything. Genesis 3 Females load fine, and they have the same file structure as my G8 setup.

I hope someone has an idea on how to make this work. The only way I have been able to remedy it is by loading textures and saving them as a character, but I don't know if this adds the eyelashes in the typical "Character Preset" setting or not.


  • takezo_3001takezo_3001 Posts: 662

    You are not alone, I get the same thing too; I'm hoping it's not a directory issue as I have mine perfectly consolidated the way I wanted. IE people/Genesis 8/Genesis 8 female; rather than people/Genesis 8+Genesis 8 female+genesis 8 male...

  • You aren't loading the Developer version of the figure, which is deliberately without the lashes? In Genesis 8 the lashes are a GeoGrafted figure, not part of the base mesh, but most character presets will load them.

  • The short answer: the material preset is not in the right place for the eyelashes. The long version: The eyelashes for G8F are a geograph. To load a geograph, with materials, the character preset requires a post load script to be run. If the post load script uses a material preset file, which it usually does, the preset(duf) has to be in the location specified, usually the default install location. If, like me, you customize your install, it can't find the file. There are four "easy" solutions. 1. Install everything to the default directories and use 'link' files or file copies for organization. 2. Setup a folder with the required file structure and only include the default material file for each character. This is a separate folder from you working directories. It's just there to maintain the necessary file location. 3. Edit the character preset file to reflect your installation structure. The line of code will be near the bottom of the character preset file. 4. Just apply the material once the character loads. Hope that helps.
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