skin texture map and photoshop?

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Okay Im totally NOOB for Daz and not sure the lingo let me tell you what I know and maybe someone can tell me if the process is the same or similar.

For secondlife I purchase a skin resource kit as well as make my own. then I can upload and use on my avatar.

obviously Daz is more sophisticated which is what I like. So, if I purchase a merchant skin, then what? there is a file I import into photoshop? or somehow I take it from daz to photoshop? I saw an image of one of the merchant skins and that seemed familiar to me--but I dont see anything that indicates there would be a psd. only things like texture map 4000x4000 and texture bump 4000x4000.

and I cant find a way to contact the seller to ask questions about what I'd be getting.

well so for now I have a huge wishlist of things I want to purchase...I just dunno what Im actually going to be getting.

one definitely says resource kit so you can create your own skins... give a noob some advice?

is it the same for eyes? the shop isnt very intuitive. I found out by accident the term merchant kit. is there another term I might use?


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    I'm not 100% sure but I belive from reading other threads in the past that a texture Resorce kit just includes the image files you need to build a new texture from scratch. You can not sell your work unless you modify the texture to a certian percent or the kit allows you to sell without modification to the included textures. I also belive that it is up to you to get the target figures UV texture map to do the editing on, those are free I belive. As I said I'm not fully up on all the info on texture resource kits.

    I can not answer your other questions. I'm not sure of what you wish to know fully.

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    Merchant resource kits give you a base set of textures, for head, torso and limbs, which are the 3 main maps that are used to build up a texture for the charater in question. Will also have one or possibly more textures for the eyes, and a transmap for eye lashes.

    They are not meant to be used as a texture set as they stand, but give you a base on which to start creating your own skin set, by manipulating them in Phoshop or similar paint prgram.

    As has been said you are required to make significant changes to the base texutre if you wish to re-distribute your work, and most Merchant resources will have a clause in the readme saying that they cannot be used for freebies, only for some thing you would sell, that is if you wanted to redistribute the result. That is why they are called "Merchant" resources.

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